About us

Olapip Home is a hand poured home fragrance business offering ‘a little luxury in a sustainable way’.

All our soy wax candles, wax melts and reed diffusers are carefully crafted to produce elegant scents for the home or workplace and are made in our studio in the Renfrewshire countryside, on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Olapip’s luxury home fragrances create a delightful ambience in any space, and with citrus, fresh, fruity and floral to oriental, woody, masculine and seasonal scents – there really is something for every taste.

Our customers love the fact that Olapip products burn cleanly and evenly. We constantly hear comments like…

– ‘The candles burn so well with no wax left on the sides of the jars.’

– ‘Ah, the joy of no black soot all around the rim of the candle!’

– ‘You can actually smell Olapip products and the scents really last.’

Olapip products are presented in stylish white, black and copper packaging with elegant branding and the overall feel is stylish, contemporary and unisex. Perfect for you…and perfect for gifting.

We offer a gift hamper service (please email for details until these are added to the website), gift vouchers and we stock a beautiful range of stylish homeware accessories to perfectly complement your Olapip Home fragrances.

Olapip’s ethos is all about offering a little luxury in a sustainable way – we’re a brand with a conscience, try our hardest not to be wasteful and encourage you to refill, reuse and recycle.

Shop here on the website, shop in-person at our studio in Bridge of Weir (Wed-Fri 10-4, Sat 10-2) or find us out and about at markets too.

We hope you enjoy our products and enjoy shopping with Olapip.

Nichola x

Founder, Olapip Home


At Olapip our ethos is all about offering a little luxury in a sustainable way. From the outset we were determined to develop a brand with a conscience and to not be wasteful.

Natural soy wax is the base for our candles and melts which is a vegetable wax derived from soya beans and is biodegradable.

Reuse, Refill, Recycle

We encourage you to reuse, refill and recycle. When the candle is finished plant some low maintenance succulents in it, use the jar as a pen pot or to hold your favourite make-up brushes. Be as resourceful as you like.

Likewise, once the oil in your reed diffuser has all evaporated, simply purchase a refill to pour into your original Olapip diffuser bottle. Pop in a new set of reeds and you’re good to go.

Limit The Use Of Plastics

We strive to limit the use of plastics and prefer to use glass, tin, card, biodegradable and compostable glassine bags in our product range and paper, shredded boxes and starch-based packing peanuts in our packaging.

If you do find any plastic in our postal packaging, we are simply re-using what we have received from our suppliers to extend the life of single use plastics.

Even the ribbon we use for our gift hampers is eco-friendly and made from wood pulp cellulose.

We also use paper product labels, the only slight flip side is that over time you may see a little crease in the label as temperature or moisture fluctuates.

But the important point is that we’re trying very hard to do our bit.


Welcome to Olapip Home. I’d like to share our story about where it all began.

Time For A Change?

I’m Nichola, founder of Olapip Home. My background is marketing and I’ve worked in the economic development, finance and education sectors for over 25 years, some of which was spent in large blue-chip companies. In my last job, the role was changing and I decided that it was time for something new. Marketing consultancy was the obvious choice for me but at that point I really fancied a change. I wanted to make and create and use the marketing skills in my own business. I knew that if I didn’t make the leap at that precise point, I probably never would!

Then to address the big question – ‘What would I do?’

I’m not really a baker, I can’t paint…however I have always loved fragrance, interiors, home accessories, moody soft lighting and anything that helps to create a cosy, ambient environment.

The Idea

As a candle lover I was becoming a little frustrated with expensive large brand candles that did not burn as I’d expect – either tunnelling with much wax left on the side of the candle jar or a messy black soot residue around the top of the container. I wanted to explore to see what I could produce.

So, after a spell of training, continuous researching, making, testing, tweaking, retesting…and then finally leaving my marketing profession, Olapip Home was born towards the end of 2019 (yes, several months before a worldwide pandemic…and about one of the only things I hadn’t planned for)!

I created a studio workshop in my home and over time built an outdoor shop in the garden. However, I recognised that Olapip was gradually outgrowing the home studio space and needed a larger manufacturing zone. So we moved to a new home in Bridge of Weir where the butcher and the baker was joined by the candlemaker!

Our studio offers a much larger workshop area, meeting space and, most importantly, a lovely customer area where you can come to sample the product range and shop.

I am very proud of the brand that I have created and hugely grateful for all the belief and support shown from our customers.

I do hope you enjoy shopping with us and welcome to our Olapip community.

Nichola McKay
Founder, Olapip Home

Our Fragrances

It’s amazing how scent has the power to evoke memories.

Memories from your childhood, of a special holiday, of an exotic flower on a dusky evening walk, of freshly cut grass, of your favourite spa – the list is endless. Close your eyes, relax and let the scent transport you to a happy place.

Olapip’s luxury home fragrances create a delightful ambience in any space, and with citrus, fresh, fruity and floral to oriental, woody, masculine and seasonal scents – there really is something for every taste.


If you like citrus try Thai Spa with lemongrass, ginger, eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Oranges or Tropical Zest.


If you prefer clean and fresh fragrances, Coastal Breeze with rock salt, driftwood and marine notes or Highland Mint with its herbal, outdoorsy scent of freshly crushed mint leaves will fit the bill perfectly.


Blushing Peony, Spring Showers and Parisian Bloom are deep within the floral category or you may be tempted by soft Twilight or Dark Iris with its oriental floral notes.


If fruity takes your fancy look to the likes of Plum & Rhubarb, Rhubarb & Blackberry or Red Berries, the latter being fruity yet fresh.

Oriental & Woody

For oriental and woody scents you should consider woody Nightcap, warm Mandarin Sandalwood, decadent Tonka, Espresso Martini or perhaps Serenity – fresh and calming with a woody undertone. 

And then there’s our seasonal scents…

Spring/Summer (available Mar-Sep)

A beautiful range of fresh and floral scents perfect for the lighter, sunnier months of the year. These scents are usually available from March to September.

Autumn/Winter (available Sep-Feb)

The cosy, hunker-down scents perfect for crisp, colder months and the festive season. Warm Orange Spice, Cinnamon Apple, White Winter, Frankincense & Myrrh, Gingerbread. These scents are usually available from September to February.

Oh, there’s simply too much choice!

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