Layering your home fragrance
September 5, 2022

At Olapip we like to use a range of products to scent a home or workplace.


Reed diffusers are perfect for constant scent and work well in all rooms. Great in hallways to make an entrance as soon as the door opens.

A top tip is to place the diffuser in an area where there is traffic as the motion of people walking past helps to carry the fragrance around the space – for example, on a console table in the hallway, on a side table near the living room door or the reception desk in your office.

Wax melts are fantastic when you are looking for a scent boost but don’t have enough time to burn your candle for the recommended period. You can pop your wax melts on and off as often as you like.

And candles…well everybody loves a candle as they have the dual purpose of scenting a room and help to create an ambient tone. It’s so enjoyable to kick back and enjoy the mesmerising, soft flicker of candlelight. Please remember to light your candle when you have a good few hours to allow the molten wax to melt to the edge of the container as it helps with the performance of your candle…and we do pride ourselves on our clean-burning candles.

Now time to enjoy those scents!

How do you scent your home?

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